Los Angeles, California

Type: Exhibition

Location: Architecture + Design Museum

Mo(nu)ment is a tiered totem-like structure composed of a varied architectural vocabulary derived from skate-able geometries. The different levels are different skateable primitives like a vert ramp, a bowl, a mini ramp, a full pipe, banks etc. 

Each one has been rethought to not only be a skateable surface but also an architectural space. The vert ramp is folded upon itself to create a lounge suspended in its middle void. This space is unusable for the vert skater but has excellent views of the action. The bowl gets an overhead onion dome-like extension with a light oculus on top to complete the space, and to create a pantheon like experience. The mini ramp is mirrored onto itself and then carved out to frame views in one direction and interface with hang out areas in the other. 

Mo(nu)ment recognizes the symbiotic relationship between architectural space and form, and skateboarding’s perpetual reinterpretation of those. It is not a monument commemorating a frozen and ever distancing event in the past, but a facilitator for the split-second moment where the 3 dimensional spin of a board, the movement of a skater, and the architectural space come together to create an event in of itself.

1181 N. New Hampshire Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90029