Wilshire Comstock

Los Angeles, California

Size: 1,600 SF

Photography: Nils Timm

This 10th floor renovation in a high rise with spectacular views had the very sensible goals of creating a more generous master bath, creating more storage, and opening odd interstitial spaces like the corridors to natural light. 

Yet the real driver in the conceptual strategy became the owner’s love for espresso and for his Italian machine. This altar to coffee became the starting point in a sculptural ensemble of oak millwork which also includes a section for books and a section to house a record collection. A long linear bench connecting the different millwork pieces can display collectibles or can be used as extra seating during parties.  Matching oak pocket doors allow natural light to penetrate all the previously dark spaces.

The oak millwork unified and gave a spatial definition to the space, all while vastly increasing the very utilitarian need for storage, creating more efficient bathrooms, and allowing natural light to infiltrate the everyday experience of the home.

1181 N. New Hampshire Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90029